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CRACK! is a topcoat which will create fissures and large cracks in your painting. It is made of all natural waxes and is fully compatible with all wax medium and encaustic paints.

After you have applied a good base of encaustic medium or paint, melt the CRACK! and paint it on the areas you want to crack. Color may be added to the CRACK! or it may be applied clear.

Be sure to fuse thoroughly.

Cracking will appear as the surface cools.

Practice on a sample area to see how deep your cracks will go. If you prefer them to be more subtle, simply add encaustic medium to the CRACK!

Take extra care when shipping in cold weather as the cracked areas are more fragile and susceptible to the cold. In normal safe art conditions, well fused wax is permanent.

A brick of CRACK! weighs one half pound.

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