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 NEW SUPPLIER!  Contact: is Kate Gordon, using the Evans Encaustics recipe and method, providing the best encaustic medium, High Shine topcoat, and Crack!  
Feel free to contact me, with any questions, anytime.

HIGH SHINE is an ultra-glossy topcoat for encaustic painting and sculpture. By providing protection for the art, you will avoid bloom on the painting surface.

Melt to 220F and apply to a cold, finished painting with a hot hake brush. Fuse to adhere and remove brush strokes in the top coat. When completely cold to the touch, buff with a soft cloth.

Note: This is a very shiny, reflective coating so you might want to photograph the work before you apply High Shine.

High Shine comes in a brick that weighs one half pound.

High Shine is to be used ONLY as a final coating on your encaustic paintings. It is not a replacement for encaustic medium. 


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