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Color Charting Pack of 10

Color Charting Pack of 10

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Use Color Charting Pack to record color swatches used in each painting along with info on medium, brand, color name, and tints (lightened with white). You can then work back into the painting and see instantly how you made each mixed color.

Plein air painters make the chart while painting to capture color mixes better than a camera.

After a painting sells, keep the actual Color Charting in your file along with a digital image of the finished work. This serves as reference to color correct any future digital reproduction of your work.

Color Charting Pack is made by Multimedia Artboard in conjunction with Hylla Evans. Multimedia Artboard is the brightest white surface, fully stable and archival. It may be used with any art medium. It is immediately absorbent and fusing is NOT needed for encaustic paint applications.

10 sheets, each sheet 4" x 10"

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