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Joanne Loves This Red! (Irgazine)Paint Stick

Joanne Loves This Red! (Irgazine) Paint Stick™

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This phenomenal red made its debut at the First National Encaustic Conference at Montserrat College of Art.  A most expensive irgazine pigment gives rich reddish orange washes and a heavily saturated red in layers.

Like all irgazine pigments, this has tremendous tinting strength. This sample was painted with one part Paint Stick mixed with 12 parts Encaustic Medium.

It is named for Joanne Mattera, and you can see how she uses colors masterfully at

Paint Sticks™ and Minis are very heavy concentration of fine artist grade pigment, held together with USP white beeswax. There are no fillers or oils, no synthetic or petroleum waxes in any Evans Encaustics products.
Break off a piece of the Paint Stick™ and melt it with at least double the quantity of medium. More medium will extend the color while maintaining the integrity of the paint.

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