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Measuring quantities, counting qualities, focusing on more versus less versus just enough: more than a tool, these are the substance of the following paintings.
In some cases the artist has provided one sentence about the work.  Links are live to each website.

Now More Than EverShirley A. McElhaney, 2013
16" x 14"
"Some times in life things are now or never."
Drifting in SilenceSandra Quinn, 2013
encaustic, 13.5" x 11.5"
"There is a relationship between the circles, pairing as they move together and drift apart, creating a space of solitude to recount memories."
Grapheme 1Tracey Adams, 2013
encaustic and oil on panel, 48" x 48"
"Graphemes are the smallest unit in a language; they can include numerical digits, Chinese characters and symbols of any of the world's writing systems."
TimerBeverly Rippel, 2010/13
oil, 6" x 8"
" The flesh toned paint ticks incrementally away...marking Time."

Lucky 7sElena De La Ville, 2012
encaustic, 22" x 22"
"Lucky seven refers to the seventh day when I found out the good news."
Keeping Time, Kathryn Dettwiller, 2012
encaustic monotype on Asian paper 25"x 37"
Keeping Time is informed by the rhythms of my daily life: counting breaths in the mornings, the ticking of the clock as time elapses, entries in my journal before retiring at night.
Prime, Patricia Dusman, 2013
15" x 5" x 2"
"This piece is about a series of prime numbers, giving the viewer the ability to interact and solve for the missing number."
Spherical Harmonics # 10Michele Thrane, 2013
encaustic monotypes, digital images, staples, paper, 19" diameter
"The numbers in the equations come from my son's published physics papers, and they quantify the relationships of the variables that describe gravitational waves."

Ruche 0352.20, Karen Freedman, 2013
encaustic on panel, 12" x 12" x1.5"
"As I design each painting, I count the symmetrical rotations of the elements as well as the size and quantity of the elements in that design; while painting I count the ratios of the colors I custom mix."
Twin Primes IElizabeth Harris, 2013
18" x 24"
"Twin primes are one of the oldest unsolved problems in math; seeming to occur in twos, like 3 & 5, 17&19, and even as you go to higher numbers, as primes become very infrequent, they still will come with two together like that, even with numbers in the billions and higher."
Inventory ControlElaine Brady Smith, 2013
16" x 16"
"In the dusty ledgers of our mind, we keep inventory; one of accomplishments where there is expansion and stars for positive actions taken and one of remembrance that marks us from future misjudgments."

How Many?, Deborah Martin, 2013
encaustic on arches paper, 18" x 24"
"Numbers represent how many elephants have been killed last year, last month."
And So It Was Written, and So It Was Prescribed, Pamela Wallace, 2010
wax, oil graphite on panel, 20" x 16" x 2"
"This work that protests the over use of psychotropic medications."
SOH CAH TOA, Karen Nielsen-Fried2013
encaustic and oil on panel 24" x 46"

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