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TEACHING ENCAUSTIC #3 - Teacher Supplies

Posted by Hylla Evans on

This is a basic list of what I have on hand for an intro class.

  • tables, floor covering, table covering
  • extension cords (test to be sure of circuit loads)
  • fire extinguisher
  • cold or ice water 
  • burn cream, Tylenol
  • heated palettes (tested, working)
  • infrared thermometer
  • containers for medium and paint colors (flat bottoms)
  • brushes and spares
  • Holy Grail gesso and brush
  • propane torches
  • medium and brushes (plus extra brushes)
  • paints sorted by color groups (variety of manufacturers)
  • tools for scraping, incising, cutting, smoothing, writing
  • heat gloves
  • latex or similar for working with oil paint
  • oil pastels
  • watercolor crayons
  • oil paint (must wear gloves)  (NO SOLVENTS!)
  • oil to clean and remove oil paint
  • books and art reproductions
  • handouts for students, extra pens
  • photocopies for use in class 
  • collage materials - wide variety
  • stencils
  • low tack painter's tape
  • paper towels and more paper towels
  • anodized aluminum plate in case there's time to demo and discuss
  • variety of papers in case there's time to demo monotype 
  • lozenges for inevitable dry throat

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