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Two for One: Visual Texture and Pattern

Posted by Hylla Evans on

Sometimes texture is flat.  There, I said it.  Here texture is a visual illusion, masterfully created on a smooth surface. 

 Venetian Lace10    Jane Nodine
  9" X 9" X 2"  encaustic wax, oil pigment, resin, on panel  © 2011  
"The Venetian Lace series developed when I began experimenting with various color combinations and tree resin. Early results immediately reminded me of the beautifully textured and colorfully weathered walls of Venice Italy.  Further exploration of the process rendered rich textures and patterns that were pleasantly reminiscent of my Italian travels when I was teaching in the summers from 1999 to 2008. These works reveal the luminous layers of color and play of lacework and pattern in the series." - Jane Nodine
From the centuries-old walls of Venice to a completely modern interpretation of the rhythmic pattern of stripes- 
Lime Vibrations    Allison Miller  
encaustic wax
"My work poses the questions, "Where does one line end and another begin?  How does one layer lie beneath another? What is the boundary between one another, and ultimately how do we understand ourselves in the greater world"?
A line can serve to connect just as it can serve to bisect moments of the human condition and all of life's perfections and flaws, gratifications and disappointments, expectations and apprehensions. Colors given to us by nature bring meaning to our space and time.  Selection of color within my work is based on moods and their opposites which cause a tension and vibration.  Each viewer will have a different experience based on the colors within the piece and how they relate to their life.  - Allison Miller

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