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Paint Sticks™ VS Brush Ready Paints

Posted by Hylla Evans on

Evans Encaustics Paint Sticks™ are each 52ml of ultra concentrated encaustic paint.  They may be used directly on the HotBox where artists prefer heaviest pigmentation.  Also, painters who use a larger quantity of paint will save money by buying Paint Sticks™ and breaking off pieces, then adding at least 3 times as much medium to the mix.  Paint Sticks™ always look like a popsicle shape such as these:
Brush Ready paints already contain encaustic medium and are ready to melt and paint. They cost less than the same color in Paint Stick™ form. Of course artists may add more medium to make any color more transparent.  Brush Ready paints are available in the Ultimate Mixing Palette set only.   The paint out of the set looks like this:
Above is the popular starter set, also called the Ultimate Mixing Palette.  It's shown above with each color painted on Color Charting.
Paint Sticks™ are also available in miniature 17ml cakes and look like this:
Got questions?  Email me at and we'll choose which format you want based on your own needs.

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